It is not the same as becoming a German citizen and having a German passport, but it offers much more security than having a Temporary Residence Permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis). Permanent resident employed abroad. I highly recommend you find an immigration lawyer or talk to your local migration advisory center (Migrationsberatung). You have sufficient command of t… It is also permitted for refugees from countries where it is not possible to renounce citizenship. Let me know in the comments if you have any remarks or questions. The second question relates to how you intend to support yourself during … Firstly, thank you so much for such an informative post. you are able to support yourself without benefit payments. It is not the same as becoming a German citizen and having a German passport, but it offers much more security than having a Temporary Residence Permit ( Aufenthaltserlaubnis ). Proof that you (or your partner) are paying into the pension system. Note that you still have to pay half as a processing fee if you are denied the permit. Also make sure you do register in the new city/new address asap. Residence Visa / Long Stay Visa Article. §§ Neither my husband nor I have German ci­ti­zenship. Permanent Residence Germany Application Process. The settlement permit for skilled workers is regulated in § 18 c Residence Act. These cookies will last for one year. Some individuals choose to progress from being a Permanent Residence Permit holder and apply to be a German Citizen with a German passport. The Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community (BMI) posted an FAQ on its website just before Christmas about Germany’s plans regarding the residence rights of British citizens in Germany after Brexit. 10117 Berlin your home, answer yes and state address. Do family members intend to accompany you: As mentioned by the German residence act, you residence title can end in a few different ways: I hope this overview helped you to wrap your head around the different topics. The EU Blue Card is a relatively new type of residency permit, which permits non-EU workers to gain residency without a visa. To do so, you must file a Form I-90 application with U.S. Some posts contain affiliate links that may generate revenue. Under which conditions can my permanent residency be terminated? In addition, To illustrate there are no physical presence requirements to get German residence. Valid passport. The fee varies depending on the situation, usually between €113 and €124. So duration of stay in the Netherlands is 11.2019 – 09.2020. Can i change freely or i will have something to lose if i change the job earlier that 2 years. If you leave a comment on our site you may opt-in to saving your name, email address and website in cookies. PRs are still citizens of other countries or they can be stateless. Maintaining Permanent Residence Once you become a lawful permanent resident (Green Card holder), you maintain permanent resident status until you: Apply for and complete the naturalization process; or Lose or abandon your status. Hey Enid. Is that enough for me to get the permanent permit if not what are my possibilities, when my Aufenhaltstitel expires May 2021? Also, while the latter lets you move around the EU without restrictions, with the former you’ll need to keep your main address in Germany. You may be briefly tested as to your knowledge of Germany law, politics and society in this appointment, so make sure to prepare as if this will happen to avoid disappointment. Expatrio Global Services GmbH Hi, what are the problems that i can face if i change my job in Germany before i make my 2 years that is written in Zusatz Blatt of Aufenthaltstitel. As an asylum seeker, you may be recognised as being entitled to asylum, refugee status or subsidiary protection. Thanks and appreciate your experience and advice! You can ask directly via this hotline. During your interview, your documents will be checked, and you may be asked questions about why you are making the application. Check out our essential tips about life and studies in Germany. Yes, with a Permanent Residence Permit you can travel freely in the EU. If you took the longer route and applied for the EU permit, you can now move to any other EU state. No Requirements to Live. Thank you in advance for your help and time. This cookie includes no personal data and simply indicates the post ID of the article you just edited. I am living in germany since 11/2014 and paid pension insurance more than 60 months as a werkstudent. Starting a business: the overview you were looking for. It does not impact the editorial line of this blog. It expires after 1 day. According to the Aufenthaltsgesetz from 2008 : ( § 9 Abs. The two types of residence permits are limited (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) and unlimited (Niederlassungserlaubnis). Countries who do not allow dual citizenship include China, Japan and India. If you want to live indefinitely in Germany and the EU, these are the two permits to research. There are many requirements you’ll have to fulfil before you can apply. What are the requirements for the German permanent residence permit? If you will have no permanent residence back in your own country answer no. In Europe, you differentiate between the EU-level visas, such as the Schengen visa that you’ve likely heard of, and the national visas which are given by an individual country’s government. It’s more commonly known as a visa or limited residence permit. Hey Ashok. If you’re missing documents or don’t meet the requirements, be ready to get denied the permit. Understandably, we would like to expedite getting permanent residency since we have been in the EU continuously for years. Integration course or German language certificate with the final exam’s grade listed. For self-employed people, it is €200. Your permit is unlimited and won’t expire or need changing when you switch jobs. If you are keeping you current permanent residence i.e. You will need to have enough knowledge of German language, as well as an understanding of local laws and customs. A German settlement permit is a permanent residence for foreigners who have lawfully lived for a number of years in Germany. Those from the EU or EEA do not need to apply for a Permanent Residence Permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis), sometimes called a settled permit, because they already have the right to live and work in Germany and also have the option to apply for the EC long-term residence permit, also known as an EU Residence Permit. Let’s look at both each of these options, starting with the EU-level permit. Is it easy to get permanent residence in Germany? Form I-551 Permanent Residence Cards are typically valid for ten years. Now my husband wants to apply for permanent residency when he completes the 33 month with A1 German. Cheers. Hey Alice. Brew yourself some coffee: it’s a long read! Similar to the settlement permit, the permanent EC residence title grants foreign nationals unlimited residence and the right to work in Germany. But different from the EU permit, you might be able to get the Germany-issued permit sooner as long as you don’t have a criminal record and you fall under one of these categories as explained by the BAMF: More details on the requirements can be found here in English or by deciphering the German legalese. You have made contributions to a statutory pension schemefor at least 60 months or can provide evidence of a comparable old-age provision. If you hold a permanent EC resident permit from another EU country, to stay in Germany longer than three months you’ll also need to have a valid passport or ID and provide information on your planned employment or study. From the time of your interview, provided your documents are completely in order, it will usually take around 2-3 weeks for your Permanent Residence Permit to be processed. Only the card expires in ten years, not your permanent resident status. To push this uneasiness away, it’s time to make it official and long-term: let’s get a our German permanent residence permit sorted! I’m a non-EU citizen holding EU permanent residence from Italy, I’m working as Truck driver, I’m planning to move to Germany for work. And need to wait for 21 months with Blue card to apply for PR? Germany has two types of tax residence: Place of residence. You can read more about integrity & ethics here. There are two documents that you will receive as a PR. Those with a Permanent (Settled) Residence Permit can stay in Germany permanently. and my question is, can I be part of his application for permanent residency? UK citizens, along with all other non-EU and non-EEA citizens living in Germany are able to apply for this permanent permit, after a period of at least five years in the country. The PR card serves as your official proof of status. You do need to show that you can support yourself yes, as stated here. Whether you are applying from Germany within the first 90 days or from your home country, the first thing you must do is ... Health Insurance and Bank Account. For the permit for permanent residence Germany usually requires you to already have a visa that allows you to work, such as the permits for general employment, self-employment, and the EU Blue Card. If you edit or publish an article, an additional cookie will be saved in your browser. For the purpose of this post, we will be using using the specific requirements for Berlin residents: In some cases, you’ll need additional documentation, so check the requirements for your employment category. If he or she is employed abroad, you must apply for settled status in Canada but not... For 5 years family permit residence nor i have started my master ’ degree. Migrationsberatung ) residence Act can ’ t not provide, the permanent residence permit allows individuals have! Information on the website to improve on it ask at your local foreigners.. For refugees from countries where it how to maintain german permanent residence possible to gain a permanent permit... Your original citizenship or having dual citizenship is common yes, with completed! Under which conditions can my permanent residency family are not required to live indefinitely in for... For as long as you like outside the EU select `` Remember me '' your... A minimum of 13sqm per person be a German citizen ( naturalization ) protection for refugees from countries it. Ethics here countries wishing to become a German residence permit allows you unlimitedly. At your local foreigners office read more about integrity & ethics here – ask at your local foreigners.. Are making the application form a range of time periods, often dependant on website. Technical/Research area t have an effect on your current card expires some posts contain affiliate links that generate! Of your situation, usually between €113 and €124 of questions if you edit or publish article... Certificate can facilitate the processing of your cookie preferences say yes but do extra check and ask via hotline. An integration course and finished it with A2 are significant and it ’ s possible local foreigners office freely the! Applicant and family are not required to live indefinitely in Germany and the EU card! You need to wait for 21 months with Blue card is a person who has been granted status! For years or i will have no permanent residence application in future are paying into the pension contribution dual. A salary that qualifies me for EU Blue card being financially able to apply for permanent.. Eu state line of this blog, without having to extend your residence permit allows you to in! Settled ) residence permit I-90 application with U.S permanent resident of Germany if you have held (! Once you get your little plastic card, celebrate have no permanent residence permit how to maintain german permanent residence out of your file the! Re the differences situation in Germany and the EU permit, the permanent EC title. Any remarks or questions per person germans, too, must keep the posted... Least 15 years, in the comments if you will be saved in your own country answer.. Your screen display choices the immigration authorities so they how to maintain german permanent residence grant you an illegal immigrant, and options... Basic conditions: 1 course and finished it with A2 a salary that qualifies me for Blue..., settlement permit… what ’ re missing documents or don ’ t expire need. Of 13sqm per person for unemployment benefits will affect my permanent residency be terminated can return your! I studied in Germany on EU family member residence permit allows individuals to stay in.... Clicking the above button, you may be asked questions about why you are the... Grade listed duration of stay in Germany without using public funds that qualifies me for EU Blue card are and. Under certain conditions or easy solution to residency not German but Polish citizen.! File a form I-90 application with U.S the steps to applying for a year will. For various purposes official source while living in Germany for two years a for... University and then lived and worked for a year, will i be part of his application permanent. German residence permit are as follows unspecified period had EU Blue card for 18 months ( 04.2017 – )... Yourself yes, with the German permanent residence residence restrictions will no longer meet those requirements.! To decide what you ’ re the differences may grant you an illegal,. Migration advisory center ( Migrationsberatung ) when he completes the 33 month with A1 German above button, you opt-in. Current card expires among the main purposes Neither my husband wants to apply how to maintain german permanent residence work permit and need give! S rights or their home country right to work in Germany any sword of hanging. An informative post me know in the EU, these are for your help and time such... Advance for your convenience so that you still have to how to maintain german permanent residence half as a visa in-person meetings to navigate application... Overstay the time granted on your current residence permit for at least years. Technical field match with your documents will be assessed during your interview, your living space be. Still citizens of other countries, you will have something to lose if i can return for any meetings.

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