June 15, 1994Actual Birthdate (Post 3.0)May 31, 1975False ID Birthdate (Pre-3.0) Vault Robbery ft. Flippy, Stanley: PD Chase the vault squad, Siz calls Arturo and tell him to gear up in case anything happens, Flippy crashes, everyone runs, Stanley is caught but Flippy & Siz escape, Siz x Flippy x Arturo decide to save Stanley & shoot at the PD while Arturo grabs Stanley, everyone escapes. Speedy, Julio, EggRoll, HOA gets a new Bulletin Board job: PIsswasser Boss asks the HOA to rob at least 30 locals in Sandy Shores while driving Futo's, then take the cars to a designated address, HOA Local Robbing Bulletin Board Job ft. Manny, Julio, Huck: HOA slaughter the entire town & no cops show up, Pisswasser Boss is not satisfied, asks the HOA to rob locals on Vesspuchi Beach, HOA Local Robbing Bulleting Board Job Pt.2 ft. Manny, Julio, Huck: PD show up, locals get scared away, everyone escapes, Siz sells Manny 4 Bricks to have him push to other people, Siz gets a new Bulletin Board Job for the rest of the HOA: HOA need to dress as G6 employees, steal a G6 Bank truck and dumpster dive for rolls of cash, then rob the bank truck, while vlogging the entire thing, Siz gives the G6 Bulletin Board Job to Huck, Kermy, Mete and Jesus, Pogg Dan blows up the HOA's motorbikes, HOA request to press charges against Pogg, Siz saves a failed bank robber Piper, Piper meets Zelda, Zelda helps Siz mack on Piper, Siz & Zelda help Piper find her phone, Siz initiates Brian Knight into the HOA, Siz tells Zelda about Dom leaving the city and losing the coke connect, Huck & Jesus survived the bank truck job, Siz wins his bet against Juio, HOA Store Robbery Ft. Huck, Julio, EggRoll: EggRoll namedrops Siz, PD deploy spike strips, EggRoll crashes, Siz is caught by Espinoz & Bayo, Huck & Julio escape, HOA dress as Star Wars characters for May 4th ft. Chewbacca Huck, Darth Vader Kermy, Juan Solo Julio & Yoda Siz, HOA Star Wars Porn Parody Fleeca Bank Robbery attempt ft. Julio, Huck, Kermy: HOA take Erin hostage and make her dress as Princess Leia, Julio brings the wrong card, HOA shoot their scene with deputy McCree, HOA leave, HOA Star Wars Porn Parody Store Robbery ft. Julio, Huck, Kermy, HOA Star Wars Porn Parody Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Julio, Huck, Kermy: HOA get chased in their Millenium Falcon RV, Julio attempts a bridge jump and blows up the RV, everyone gets arrested, Yoda Siz uses the force to control Baas' steering wheel, Baas drives off the pier, Siz & Huck are let go due to a bank truck happening at the same time, Raphael blew up MRPD with the C4 & is getting the 9's, Kraytor 2 Bricks deal, HOA meet Miguel at the Tavern, Mr Chang molotov's everyone at the Tavern, Payne gives Siz a ride, Daryl 1 Brick deal, HOA attempt to place a boat at the top of Mount Chilliad, blow up multiple times, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Daryl, Julio, Kraytor, HOA Bank Truck Robbery ft. Daryl, Julio, Kraytor, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb, Kermy, Siz & Flippy argue about who their accomplices, Siz wants to test if he can do a jailbreak from within the prison, Siz & Huck & Julio & Flippy find out that you can do the thermite in the prison without doing the Powerplant, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb, Julio: Julio crashes, Siz escapes & saves Huck, Julio and Kleb go to jail, Siz meets ex-AOD member Blaine, Blaine asks if the HOA is accepting prospects, Siz shows the Tavern to Bob Smith & Copper, Siz files an official report against Soze for pissing in the Tavern ice bucket, Double Bank Truck Robbery ft. Julio, Huck, Flippy: Huck goes down, everyone else kills all the cops and escape with Huck, HOA make EggRoll shoot Pogg Dann, HOA watch Vagos vs ESB in Mirror Park, Daryl suggests having Blaine and EggRoll go head to head, HOA get chased by Soze, Julio crashes, Julio shoots & goes down, Siz & Manny escape, Siz finds Anto downed by cops, HOA save Anto, Julio goes down & gets arrested, 2x HOA Store Robbery ft. Daryl, Julio, Kraytor: HOA find & rob news reporter Jerry Slime watching them & trash talks, Julio crashes, Siz shoots down Draider, Kraytor gets caught, everyone else escapes, HOA find Jerry Slime in Mirror Park, then shoot him down & dump him in the ocean, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery Ft. Kraytor, Daryl, Jesus, HOA get a new Bulletin Board job - HOA need to rob a bank truck on the Mirror Park island, but are only allowed to use melee weapons to dispatch the guards and responding PD, HOA Melee Bank Truck Bulletin Board job ft. Kraytor, Daryl, Kleb: HOA jump the responding PD and beat them down, then Siz & Kleb shave off Soze's moustache with a hatchet & escape, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Daryl, Kleb, Kraytor, HOA plan to blow up Baas with C4 in the Tavern, Soze tweets a picture pissing in the Tavern (again), Siz plants a C4 in the Tavern, C4 is a dud and Baas survives, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Huck, Kraytor, Manny, HOA question Kleb about his relationship with Huck's daughter Lily, Blaine follows Manny around, HOA read the complaints from the HOA complaints jar, Kraytor leaves halfway and gets into a "shootout", HOA go to save Kraytor but instead find out he was tricked, HOA then continue reading the complaints from the complaints jar, Julio accidentally kills a woman by blowing up his bike, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Huck, Julio, Kraytor, 2x HOA Store Robbery ft. Huck, Julio, Kraytor, HOA Bank Truck Robbery ft. Huck, Julio, Kraytor: Huck & Julio go down, Siz & Kraytor get 1 then get sandwiched by PD, PD win, HOA go to jail, HOA get a new Bulletin Board job - HOA need to rob convenience stores while dresses as BMX bikers, while also riding BMX bikes, the HOA also need to steal 136 Green Cows from the stores while they are being robbed, then take pictures & deliver the bikes to a specific address in Little Seoul, HOA BMX Bulletin Board Job ft. Julio, Huck, Jesus: HOA find out that you can't obtain Green Cow from the stores so demand the PD get GC's in exchange for the hostage, PD are unable to obtain the GC's and Baas asks Siz if he can deliver the GC's within 1 month, HOA all escape, HOA get a new Bulletin Board job - HOA need to rob the jewellery store, while also filming a Telenovela about Siz (who will be played by Jesus) being directed & filmed by Siz, HOA Telenovela Bulletin Board job ft. soundman Huck, fake Flippy Julio, fake Siz Jesus: PD agree to also be part of the shoot, PD crash during escape scene & HOA get away with the robbery, Siz films Chang Gang setting up a police car with C4, Tyrone tells Siz that CG were breaking out Chang from court, HOA Paleto Bank robbery ft. Daryl, Kleb, Huck: HOA disguise themselves as the Lunatix, HOA escape, West shows Siz her new HOA cut, Daryl is chased by PD for his warrant, HOA attempt to save him but fail, Daryl & Julio go to jail, PD then chase Kraytor for driving a stolen oxy car, PD shoot down Kraytor, Siz shoots down Mack & Davenport and saves Kraytor, Siz meets Olga's brother Vasily (aka V), Siz buys a C4 from Paddy, Siz spots the Lunatix getting a bank truck, Lunatix and Siz ram eachother in their cars and the Lunatix shoot at Siz, but then run away after shooting, HOA find a Lunatix member at the taco shop and shoot her down, HOA Paleto Bank robbery into Bank Truck Ambush ft. Julio, Daryl, Kraytor: HOA successfully rob Paleto Bank, then lead the PD to the Ranch, Siz & Kraytor go down, Daryl & Julio down 4 cops and decide to rescue Siz & Kraytor without hitting the truck, Dundee tells Siz that the Lunatix burnt down the HOA tavern, Juiio sees that the Lunatix have posted up on the rooftops near the HOA tavern, PD follow the HOA and get involved in the HOA vs Lunatix gunfigh, HOA vs PD Mirror Park gunfight: Siz goes down fighting Davenport, Daryl saves Siz & Julio & Kraytor after downing the rest of PD, HOA escape and survive, Siz see's Buddha's new HOA vest, LB explain that they are hostile with Flippy, Curtis explains that he's hunting ESB members with Flippy, Siz meets with Joe Caine to discuss Siz's involvement in the Coke game, Joe Caine tells Siz that he's open to working with someone & that he trusts Siz since he trusted Dom, Tyrone tells Siz that ESB is at war with Harmony & is being hunted by Flippy, Siz tells Manny that he wants to make Manny one of his coke pushers, News reporter Gary Benson snitches to Soze about Siz, PD chase & catch Siz in Mirror Park, Siz & Soze fight in MRPD, HOA Bank Truck ft. Julio, Manny, Kleb: Julio & Kleb go down early, Siz & Manny hold out on the roof but get pushed & go down, PD win, Raja tells Siz that he also spoke to Joe Caine, Huck saved the loot from the bank truck, HOA start hunting for Lunatix, HOA shoot up Lunatix at their Vinewood base, HOA wingman for Daryl with new girl Ivy, Siz explains the HOA Lunatix war to Blaine, BabyOil asks Siz to repo Lunatix Leader Ash's car if he misses his payments, Ash calls Siz and asks to withdraw from the war and suggests Hogmania again, but Siz disagrees, Lunatix pull up to the Tavern while the HOA is away, HOA return and gun down the Lunatix on their hogs, Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Daryl, Kraytor, Blaine: Blaine crashes, Meth-blind Siz shoots down Daryl, PD shoot down criminal crew, Siz & Daryl go to ICU while Kraytor & Blaine go to jail, Huck & Stanley get arrested, Baas attempts to arrerst Siz, HOA vs PD firefight breaks out, meth-blind Siz shoots down Jesus then escapes, Coop gives Siz a free painting, Coop gave the third Faberge Egg to Ramee, Siz kidnaps Ash in front of Oxy, HOA blow up Ash and teach him about the Father of the Fire, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Kermy, Huck, Manny, Manny 5 bricks deal, HOA meet Pogg's son Lil Kev, Kev stabs Kermy & HOA shoot Kev, Siz kidnaps News reporter snitch Gary Benson, HOA blow up Gary, HOA Court sessions: West (represented by Raja) takes Daryl (represented by Kermy) to HOA court over repainting her car, the case is dropped due to Kermy tackling West, then Daryl & Kraytor (represented by Kraytor) take Siz (represented by Raja and West) to court over shooting them, the case is resolved with Siz being found guilty of shooting Daryl but not Kraytor, HOA watch Kermy mack on an EMS, Siz meets ex-AOD member Lexi, HOA discuss planning to hit the powerplant in the future & decide to hit Paleto as practice, HOA Paleto Bank robbery ft. Julio, Daryl, Kraytor: Julio crashes, HOA vs PD shootout, Siz gets 6 cops and escapes, Daryl also escapes, Kraytor & Julio get caught, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Julio, Daryl: Julio crashes, Locals shoot at PD, HOA vs PD shootout, PD win, HOA get arrested, Siz tries to help Julio break out of arrest in Hospital but Julio gets caught again, HOA go to jail, Julio takes Copper to HOA Court to get an un-restraining order, HOA find Julio guilty and force him to follow the existing restraining order for the next 3 weeks, HOA Jewellery Store robbery ft. Kleb, EggRoll, Julio, Daryl is worried about hitting the vault, Siz suggests a new Gold Star leaderboard for the HOA in order to decide the HOA Vault Hitting squad, HOA Paleto Bank robbery attempt ft. Kraytor, Daryl, Manny: Daryl fails thermite, Manny crashes, Siz escapes & returns to save Daryl, Kraytor & Manny get arrested, EggRoll went crazy and got shot down by Kleb, Siz & Kleb shoot down a Lunatix in Mirror Park, Siz takes EggRoll to the prison to talk to Manny, Manny was testing EggRoll to see how long it would take for him to stand up for himself, Saab tells Siz that Kanye has been missing for 2 weeks, Vivi shows Siz her new HOA Jacket & asks Siz to do a job with him for her birthday, Turbo offers to help Siz with the HOA Tavern, Manny argues fashion with LB, Siz meets with Joe Caine, Joe tells Siz that he met with Raja who dropped Siz's name, Joe doesn't trust Raja due to Raja's blackbook, Joe tells Siz about Yung Dab's start in cocaine, Joe tells Siz that he gets the job over Raja & that Joe will start working with Siz soon, Anto tells Siz that he wants to put down 56 because 56 snitched on Anto to the PD, Siz asks Vinny to move his warehouse location, Vivi Birthday HOA Store Robbery ft. Vivi, Kleb, Blaine, Vivi Birthday HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Vivi, Kleb, Siz empties out his warehouse, Siz watches CG vs GSF, HOA explain CG vs GSF war to Siz, Siz tells Manny that Siz has taken Dom's old coke position, and Siz makes Manny one of his main pushers, Manny tells Siz that Manny was the person who discovered Raja's black book, [the next hour or so of RP is a massive HOA SBS situation that was partly retconned, it's pretty funny to watch but doesn't exist - includes the HOA wiping the PD, multiple PD chases, and a lot of malding], Bank Truck Robbery ft. Flippy, Mike, Julio: Crims wipe the PD without going down & escape, Mike doesn't know that Flippy left the Vagos, HOA go to the PDM Fight Club, HOA Monkey Cesar returns to the tavern, Cesar overdoses on cocaine but is saved by EMS MJ & a second monkey, HOA Monkeys demand cocaine from Siz, HOA party with the monkeys, Siz visits Huck in ICU, Siz & Kraytor steal Huck's body from ICU, Siz & Kraytor shootout vs PD, Siz & Kraytor go down & get arrested, Julio & Daryl attempt to save Siz & Kraytor but also both go down, Erin attempts to break Siz out of custody but gets caught, everyone goes to jail, Carl tells Siz that he's also at war with GSF, Manny was kidnapped by the Lunatix and told the Lunatix want to do hogmania again, Siz tells Manny that he can start pushing coke now & Manny asks about the logistics behind dealing coke, Bank Truck Robbery ft. Flippy, Daryl, Kraytor: PD rush all at once & wipe the robbery squad, everyone gets arrested, [VOD is muted for a little bit during a conversation between Clarence & Siz, but Siz gets an extra charge for matching bullet casings found at the scene of a HOA vs Lunatix fight], Flippy is afraid of telling Mike that he left the Vagos because he thinks Mike will attack Speedy, Criminals start a prison riot, Siz & Flippy escape due to the help of some Lunatix, HOA Monkey Caesar returns & helps Siz do a drive by on Pogg Dan, Kleb tells Siz that Sonya shot down HOA in retaliation, Siz gives the HOA another chance at the coke mission, [VOD muted while Siz & Huck talk, but Huck tells Siz that Julio, Kleb & Jesus got caught, but they were let go so the mission was a success], Undercover Siz pays the HOA their reward, HOA hunt for a Lunatix member that drove through Mirror Park, HOA shoot down LTX leader Ash in Vinewood, Siz attempts to save Randy & Vinny by shooting at police but goes down & gets arrested, Siz & Anto tell Bovice about 56 being a snitch, Siz asks Bovice & Marcus about the Meth operation in prison, Marcus wants to become a DOC officer, Bovice wants coke to dry up in order to increase demand for meth, Siz gets a ride from Perkins, Siz Funeral 10 Brick dropoff for Manny, Joe Caine wants to set up a money laundering scheme to clean rolls at the Vineyard, Joe & Siz want to create missions with cocaine as the reward on the Dark Web, Speedy tells Siz that OTT joined ESB, Siz tells Speedy about his new position in the coke game & his new pushers, Daryl shot down one of OTT's car choppers, Riggs shows Siz his Mirror Park house, Siz gives Perkins a ride, HOA store robbery x3 ft. Daryl, Blaine, Kraytor: HOA get stopped by PD as soon as they get their first hostage but talk their way out, first hostage tries to run away and gets shot down by Daryl, Kraytor crashes during PD chase after 3rd store, Blaine shoots, Siz & Daryl escape, Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Daryl: 30 min chase in the Raid, Siz & Daryl escape, PD bathe in Siz's pool, PD start another chase with the Raid, Siz escapes but completely wrecks his car to the point it's undrivable, Zeke does a mobile repair on the Raid until it gets to QuickFix, PD start chasing as soon as the Raid gets off the QF lot, Siz & Daryl get rammed & caught, Turbo asks Siz about Siz's position in the cocaine game & wants to work with Siz to make missions with cocaine as a reward, Joe Caine found out & is worried that Bovice is looking for the cocaine pushers to dry out the coke market, but Siz calms him down and tells him that Siz is also involved in the meth market and will keep Joe safe, Joe agrees with Siz to try and help Bovice with his cashflow in order to control the meth market also, HOA Turbo Mission - PD infiltration ft. Blaine, Huck, Julio, HOA Turbo Mission - Police officer kidnap ft. Blaine, Huck, Julio: HOA try to kidnap Perkins but are instantly spotted by DOC & a news reporter, HOA are pitted by police, Siz vs Draider shootout, Siz goes down, Julio tries to stay behind with hostage Perkins to allow the rest to escape, Blaine crashes and HOA is shot down and arrested, HOA discuss the GSF vs CG war and Lily's involvement in the war, and warns Huck & Kleb not to get involved, Siz & Julio watch Daryl & Trina's first date, Siz is pulled over by Baas in Mirror Park while looking for Lunatix, Lunatix pull up to ambush HOA, HOA vs Lunatix vs PD shootout, PD win, everyone gets arrested and goes to prison, Daryl 1 Brick deal, Lunatix Leader Ash calls Siz to try to resolve the war, offers Hogmania again, Turbo Mission - Police Officer Kidnap ft. Julio, Flippy, Kleb: Cartel kidnap Sydney, take her to the ranch, then interrogate her & tell her that the Rosa Roja Cartel knows that the PD is investigating them & beat her & leave a rose on her body, Speedy tells Siz that Tyrone is selling bricks of cocaine for cheaper than Siz's pushers, Bank Truck robbery at the Vault ft. Flippy, Julio, Daryl: Crims vs PD shootout, the Crow also tries to intervene and gets shot down, Crims shoot down all the PD and escape, HOA monkeys shows off their HOA cuts, BabyOil tells Siz that the Lunatix paid for their car, HOA photoshoot with the HOA monkeys, Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Daryl, EggRoll, TO, Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Flippy, Huck, Julio, Flippy's family overrun the HOA Tavern, Siz calls Perkins to get them out, PD vs Flippy's family, Flippy's family dies in the tavern after being shot down by the police, GSF does a drive-by on Mel at the HOA Tavern, Siz stress eats, HOA meet Moonshine distiller Nick, The HOA meet the HOA fangirls in the Tavern, HOA give Perkins a Couch interview, HOA play one of Ian's games - HOA members must vote for 2 other members of the group, one as a random vote and one as a predicted winner of the round, the member with the most random votes is the winner and those who predict the correct winner, score a point, HOA visit Lily in ICU while still playing Ian's game [VOD mutes partway through], Siz & Kraytor both win, HOA are worried about Russians taxing the docks again, Siz goes to the docks and tells the Russians that Siz will try to get cocaine to the Russians if they let him use the docks decryption spot tax-free, HOA split into 2 groups - Siz, Stanley, Julio & Kleb go hunt Lunatix, while Daryl, Blaine, Zelda go to rob a store, HOA Store Robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Stanley, Paddy wants to fill a Colombian drug mule with cocaine & asks Siz for help, HOA find a blimp and decide to rob Paleto bank and use a blimp to escape, HOA Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Daryl, Stanley, Kleb: No police response so HOA don't use the blimp to escape, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Daryl, Kleb, Stanley: HOA escape in the blimp, HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Daryl, Stanley, Kleb: Fleeca is scuffed & no police response, HOA don't use the blimp to escape, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Daryl, Kleb, Stanley: Siz crashes, Siz grabs Kleb in another car but PD shoot out their tires & pit them, Stanley lands the blimp to try to save Siz but is caught himself, Kleb is put down, Siz & Daryl shootout vs PD to save Kleb, all three escape, Siz & the HOA go to their court case against Pogg Dan, Siz & Pogg Dan get shamed by everyone in the courtroom, Pogg punches Siz, Lil Kev fights Pogg, HOA win the case and are granted $16k, half of Pogg's beer stock and joint custody of Lil Kev, HOA Victory march to the Mirror Park Lake [VOD Muted for part of it], Siz baptises Lil Kev in the lake, Kev stabs Pogg, Payne is a new manager of the Vanilla Unicorn & asks Siz how much he wants to be involved with the VU, Payne knows about Siz's new cocaine promotion, Payne tells Siz that Payne is in charge of warehouses, Payne wants to run events in the VU, Siz shows Payne the location for his new warehouse, HOA find The Crow spying on the HOA Tavern, HOA make Lil Kev overdose on drugs, Kev reveals that Dundee put a $10k bounty on his head, Bank Truck Robbery ft. Flippy, Julio, Daryl: Siz kills 2 cops, everyone escapes without wiping all of the PD, Powerplant Attempt ft. Flippy, Curtis, Eugene: Flippy hits 3 thermite spots before PD arrive, Vault squad kill most of the cops and finish the thermite, successfully hitting the powerplant, Cops roll up on Vault squad while they are preparing to hit the vault, Siz & Flippy are chased by PD and shot down, Curtis & Eugene attempt to rescue them at the hospital but are unsuccessful, Siz tries to escape MRPD, then haggles his charges with Brenda, is put down in MRPD with a flashlight, has his skull cracked & undergoes an operation, Curtis, Harry, Eugene & Balla CJ attempt to break Siz out during the prison transport but are shot down, [VOD mutes for beginning of Siz's prison sentence], Siz tells Marcus that he is the coke connect & asks if he could try to bankroll the meth operation without having Bovice come after cocaine pushers, and have his own cocaine pushers push meth too, Siz & Marcus tell Bovice about Siz's plans for Meth, Siz talks to Manny and tells him to start seeing how interested people would be in buying meth, Officer Shepherd asks the HOA for help with an "adult dancer" in Vinewood, HOA watch "Mike Danger" dance to prove that he's legit, HOA & Shepherd don't believe Mike Danger, Siz coerces a confession out of Mike and get him arrested, HOA Bank Truck Robbery ft. Huck, Kleb, Blaine: Siz falls off the roof, everyone gets shot down & arrested, Siz is hit with a hot gun charge from a previous bank truck & calls in Crane to argue it, Baas then makes the link from the hot gun to the PD AR that Siz stole from the same bank truck, Lunatix Leader Ash is in jail for the 9's for drug trafficking, Pogg Dann tries to blow up the tavern again, HOA Plan for the Vault attempt, Flippy teaches the thermite processes to Daryl, HOA Plan for the Vault attempt - Daryl will attempt the Powerplant thermite, when he messes up he will escape and Siz & Kleb will hit a bank truck on the other side of the map in order to draw the PD to the furthest point from the Powerplant, giving Daryl & Kleb the most time to do the thermite without PD interference, HOA Powerplant attempt ft. Daryl, Kleb, Kraytor: Daryl fails after the first thermite node, Siz & Kleb hit the bank truck but no PD respond, HOA vs PD shootout at the powerplant, Daryl & Kraytor go down, Siz & Kleb save them and escape, HOA want to attempt the Powerplant again but the thermite nodes are scuffed so they leave it, Powerplant attempt ft. Flippy, Speedy, Mario: Flippy hits 5/6 thermite before making a mistake, Vault crew vs PD shootout, Vault crew go down & get arrested, Vault crew isn't charged with hiting the powerplant & Flippy is allowed to keep his thermite, crew decide to try the vault again tomorrow, Siz & Manny Local Taxi 15 Bricks dropoff for Kanye, Kanye tells Siz that Vinny is selling bricks for $18k & that Tyrone is selling more than 4 bricks to a group, Siz tells Kanye to start feeling out the interest in Meth & explains his business plan with Bovice to control the meth market, GSF OG Chef calls Siz, Chef asks Siz to rob the Fleeca Bank in Harmony, shoot out all the cameras and kidnap the bank teller, then kill him & make it look like an accident, Chef Fleeca Mission ft. Flippy: no PD respond, bank teller gets kidnapped, Siz & Flippy get the bank teller drunk and lead him onto one of the beach fire pits, and burn him alive, Siz & Flippy look at bank truck robbery spots, HOA watch a local beat up a man who was robbing houses in Mirror Park, Bank Truck Robbery ft. Flippy, Manny, Daryl: PD vs Crims shootout, PD win, everyone gets arrested, [VOD mutes while the Bank Truck crew are being processed], Siz introduces Manny to Marcus, Siz & Marcus teach Manny how to get around the prison, Marcus gives Siz & Manny their first Meth shipment, Siz, Flippy, Mario & Speedy prepare to try to hit the Vault again, Powerplant attempt ft. Flippy, Mario, Speedy: Flippy hits every thermite node perfectly, vault crew escapes without alerting the PD at all, Vault Robbery ft. Flippy, Speedy, Mario: Siz stays with the Heli, PD almost shoot down the Heli, Air 1 chases the Vault crew Heli Vault crew land on Mount Chilliad and try to shoot down Air 1, Vault crew escape from the PD, The Lost MC tell Siz about the Highwayman Cody Speedwagon robbing people on the highway, Speedy gives the HOA a mission to gather 500 Aluminium for the cartel for $40k, Speedy asks Siz for a $500k loan, Siz takes Speedy's Mercedes AMG GT63S as collateral, Payne sells Siz 500+ Pixerium sticks and other items from houses he's foreclosed, Siz & Kraytor discuss a Reservoir Dogs heist, where 4 people try to rob the Jewellery Store and 1 of the 4 people are a rat who will try to sabotage the job, the HOA must then shoot who they suspect the rat is if they manage to escape, Buddha & Saab vs Flippy shootout at the HOA Tavern parking, HOA take a big group photo with the HOA Monkeys at the Tavern, Siz meets Flippy's nephew John Carl Hernandez, [VOD Mutes when half of the server head-pops], Pogg Dann vs HOA on twitter, undercover Daryl taunts the HOA, SIz & Crane discuss taking Pogg Dann to court again, Paleto Robbery ft. Flippy, Vivi, John Carl: First hostage tries to run away and gets shot down, Next hostage is BBMC employee Cory, Siz convinces Cory to quit BBMC & Siz tells Saab, Paleto crew leave the hostage at Paleto for Saab to get him, Siz argues with Buddha & Saab about respect & about Buddha vs Flippy, HOA Open the Complaint Jar in the Tavern, Vivi sings for the HOA, Zelda gives Siz Bobby's PD MP5 for their anniversary, Reservoir Dogs HOA Heist ft. Siz, Julio, Huck, Kraytor: Vivi & Zelda pick the rat, Kraytor crashes & causes Siz & Julio to go down, Huck gets caught with the haul, only Kraytor escapes, Kraytor & Stanley gun down a cop with an LMG in MP, Julio & Daryl get questioned about it & Daryl gets his belongings taken by PD, Kraytor, Huck, Daryl & Kleb go to fight the PD to get Daryl's things back, Siz & Julio & Stanley watch them get gunned down, Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Julio, Stanley: Siz crashes, Stanley shoots & gets shot down, Siz guns down Baas, Siz & Julio escape, HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Julio, Huck, Blaine, Two HOA Groups race for the jewellery store, HOA meet with financial advisor Alexandra to try to help Stanley save money, HOA Bank Truck ft. Daryl, Stanley, Julio: Siz falls off the roof and gets shot down, Daryl & Stanley manage to get Siz and Julio, HOA & PD call it a draw due to Stanley headpop, Kraytor hosts a party in the Tavern, Flippy pays Siz $100k for their successful vault heist, HOA Paleto Bank Robbery & Ambush ft. Daryl, Kraytor, Stanley: Siz shoots down 2 cops before going down, PD wins shootout & HOA is arrested, Curtis finds Siz's warehouse, Siz farts in the car, HOA Store Robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Huck: HOA plan for an ambush but PD doesn't respond, HOA Bank Truck Robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Huck: No PD respond so HOA just leave, Randy & Ramee shot down Julio for making a roadblock while they were racing & then threw Blaine off a bridge, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Huck: PD sings Happy Birthday to Siz, HOA shootout vs PD, HOA lose but Kleb escapes, DOC Garcia shoots Siz 30 times for his birthday, Bovice returns to save Siz, Marcus shows Siz his new DOC outfit, HOA visit Siz in prison while dressed in past Siz arcs , Daryl gives Siz Labarre's ID as a birthday present, Blaine burns Huck alive, HOA steal Huck from the hospital and throw his body into the MP Lake to save him, Siz runs over the Lady of the Lake, the Lady of the Lake saves Huck but his soul switches with Blaine's, HOA watch ESB vs LB shootout, HOA get stuck in the Military Airbase, Bank Truck Robbery ft. Flippy, Kraytor, Stanley: Siz & Flippy push the waiting cops, robber squad wipe PD & escape, Boris calls Siz in an effort to mend their relationship with a special deal for Molly's, Siz watches Claire fight a local, Siz & Flippy watch the HOA do a jewellery store robbery & try to escape in a shuttle bus, Siz & Nino meet, Siz tells Nino about his new position in the Cocaine industry, Nino asks Siz about the materials market, Nino asks Siz about his future plans & tells Siz that he has potential, Nino offers Siz an opportunity to move hardware, Siz shows Nino the Tavern, Speedy tells Siz that he's getting more weapons from the cartel, Siz returns Speedy's Mercedes AMG GT63S as Speedy returns Siz's $500k loan, Speedy was hired as a part-time manager at the VU & wanted to help Payne run the underground fight club, Payne left the VU, Marcus worked out the shelf life of Meth, Stanley blows up everyone at the tavern, HOA Bank Truck Robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Stanley: HOA vs PD shootout, Stanley falls off the roof, HOA wipe the PD and manage to escape, The HOA find Kraytor looking like the Lady of the Lake & they think that his body is the vessel for the Lady of the Lake, Jesus wants to make a spanish-speaking crew with Flippy and Julio, Paleto Bank Robbery & Ambush ft. Flippy, Julio, Kleb: Flippy & Kleb rob Paleto bank while Siz & Julio wait to ambush, PD predict the plan and don't get ambushed, robber squad just escape, HOA Hidden Hedge Bank Truck robbery ft. Julio, Huck, Stanley: HOA rob two bank trucks then hide in the hedge while wearing Ghillie suits, HOA hide from the cops and wait them out, then escape after the PD leaves, Siz suggests the HOA do a Resident Evil 4 themed robbery, where 3 members dress as Leon and 1 member dresses as Ashley, and the Leon's escort the Ashley throughout the entire job without her doing anything, 2x HOA Resident Evil 4 Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Leons Julio, Huck & Stanley, HOA get into a chase with PD when cops think they took Ashley Siz hostage, Julio vs PD shootout, Siz escapes, OOC: HOA & friends play Minecraft together for the rest of the VOD, HOA watch the PD respond to a MP Store Robbery, HOA Hidden Hedge Bank Truck robbery ft. Julio, Kleb, Jesus: HOA shoot at Air 1, HOA attempt to hide in the hedge but are sniffed out by Ripley's K9 unit, Siz runs away but falls off a cliff & goes down, Kleb & Julio get caught but Jesus escapes, HOA watch Flippy's crew do their firefighter themed jewellery store robbery, then HOA chase Flippy's crew & have a destruction derby with their cars, Blaine offers to sell Siz his 1/4 Rat Bike for $500k, Ridley offers Siz a mission to bring an orange ball from the roof of a building in Sandy Shores to the Mirror Park Lake, HOA Store Robbery ft. Julio, Huck, Kleb: Julio brings an LMG, The safe in the back scuffs, HOA decide to run on foot, HOA shoot down 2 cops and escape, Julio shoots at Bayo from inside the HOA escape van, PD vs HOA shootout, HOA go down, Siz & Huck try to run from the hospital, Siz tells Raven that he's a grandfather, HOA stash the money then get into another chase, Siz crashes, Julio shoots, Siz drives away & tries the bridge jump, Siz & Julio shootout vs PD and both go down, Huck comes back to save Siz & Julio and gets shot down, Siz uncuffs Huck in the hospital and tries to allow him to escape but he gets caught again, Bovice & Marcus ask Siz to increase the price of meth, Bovice knows that Stanton tried to put a hit out on Bovice, Bovice is going to testify in court against Stanton & try to use that opportunity to escape if Stanton isn't sent to jail, HOA are approached by the Crow's evil villain brother - the Vulture, and asks the HOA to join his evil committee, Kraytor explains why ESB BJ wants to war with the HOA, Kleb asked Lily to marry him and got turned down, the Lady of the Lake has turned EggRoll into a woman, HOA give Kleb advice & Siz gives Kleb a bunch of green things to gift Lily, HOA try to help Kleb fix his relationship with Lily, Siz gives them a Limo and tugboat ride, Kleb proposes to Lily again and she says yes, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Huck, Julio, Blaine: HOA have a helicopter out as bait & run away on foot, Blaine & Siz drive away, Blaine crashes & Siz is beat down and arrested, Blaine is also arrested, Huck & Julio escape, Jesus & Kermy explain their heist plan to Siz: Jesus wants to steal water from grocery stores and then get Kraytor/the Lady of the Lake to bless one of the bottles of water, and also gather Jesus' new Spanish speaking squad Los Bandaleros in order to increase their reputation, 4x HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Blaine, Kermy, Kleb: Blaine escapes PD once, then crashes & causes everyone to run on foot, Siz & Kermy escape, Julio "learns" how to fly, Kleb vultures Olga's car, Flippy & Olga wipe HOA, Flippy argues with Julio, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Stanley, Julio, Kleb, OOC: HOA & friends play Minecraft for the rest of the VOD, Mirror Park Bank Truck robbery ft. Blaine, Kermy, Siz, Naomi: Siz & Naomi instantly go down to the truck security guards, Blaine gets chased while trying to take them to grandma's, Blaine escapes and helps Siz & Naomi, HOA discuss how nobody know who Naomi is & the Julio vs Flippy argument, Kraytor tells Siz that Daryl is "healing" in the lake, HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Kermy, Julio, Blaine: HOA shoot at news reporters recording the bank robbery, PD chase is interrupted by street racers so HOA escape, Siz & Manny meet, Siz tells Manny to look into selling GSF coke, Manny suggests that Siz goes after Joe Caine & takes over the entire coke market, Julio offers that the HOA buy out the Angels and incorporate them as the HO-Angels, HOA visit EggRoll in the hospital, EggRoll has become a woman due to the Lady of the Lake, EggRoll tells the HOA that Naomi stabbed him & put him in ICU, Bank Truck Robbery ft. Curtis, Eugene, Denzel: only 2 cops show up so LB x Siz put them down then escape, Siz lends Dab's Lambo, HOA have a meeting about Siz wanting to buy out the Angels, Huck tells Siz that Violet shot Lily during the CG vs GSF war and doesn't want to bring the Angels into the HOA, Huck threatens to leave the HOA if Violet is brought into the HOA, Julio defines Incels, Claire clarifies that Violet got involved against GSF for no real reason, Siz plays a tune on Claire's Kazoo, Siz tells Joe about his agreement with Bovice & the Coke/Meth packages, Siz tells Joe that Vinny & Tyrone aren't following the rules of the cocaine economy that Siz & Joe set in place, Siz offers to handle Joe's meetings with Vinny & Tyrone when Joe isn't in town, Siz gives Joe a therapy session, Siz & Joe set up a car shopping date to get Siz a high-end coke vehicle, Siz helps Joe with the branding of his new gambling venture at the winery, Vinny gets mad at Siz for Payne outing himself to Siz, Joe tells Vinny that Siz is the other cocaine connection, Siz & Vinny squash their beef from the LB vs CG war, Siz shows the HOA Tavern to Joe Caine, Powerplant attempt Ft. Curtis, Flippy, Mike: Flippy sets off the powerplant alarm after hitting 5 thermite nodes, Vault squad try to kidnap a police officer to draw the rest of the force away from the PP, Vault squad vs PD shootout, Vault squad goes down, everyone gets arrested & goes to jail, Siz finds his birthday hat, Siz becomes a magician in prison, Siz (disguised as Donkey Kong) tells the HOA that he got robbed by Donkey Kong for cocaine, Siz asks the HOA to find Donkey Kong while dressed as Mario Kart characters, HOA chase Donkey Kong throughout the city, Huck catches Donkey Kong Siz & earns 2.5 cocaine bricks, Siz watches Kleb's Father's Day gift for Julio, DK Siz is arrested by Malton & Brenda, Kleb & Julio shootout vs PD to save Siz, HOA escape with Siz, HOA Store Robbery ft. Kleb, EggRoll, Julio: Kleb crashes, everyone runs on foot, Siz steals a cop car & saves Julio, everyone escapes, HOA Jewellery Store Robbery ft. Kleb, EggRoll, Julio, HOA Fleeca Bank Robbery ft. Huck, Stanley, Blaine, Siz finds out that Blaine wasn't allowed to jobs with the HOA without doing a job with Pogg Dann as a punishment given by Kraytor, HOA have an intervention for Blaine, Flippy explains that he's at war with the KJ from the Vagos, Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Flippy, Stanley, Kleb, Manny keeps bringing hang-arounds to the HOA, Siz reunites with Boe Jangles, OOC: HOA and friends play Minecraft for the rest of the VOD, Benji tells Siz that he left BBMC & joined the Vagos, Dundee left BBMC and went solo, Siz & Julio try to buy a bank truck off Mike Block, Mike Block was shot down & robbed by Tyrone so Siz & Julio take him to Grandma's, Siz & Julio 'help' Mike Block rob the Taco Shop, HOA Bank Truck ft. Julio, Blaine: HOA try to hide under the water of the MP Lake after opening the bank truck, PD impound the truck and then find Siz, HOA vs PD shootout, HOA go down and all get arrested, Siz & HOA watch Kraytor, Daryl, Jesus & Kleb ambush Steele Security, then rob the jewellery store, Siz see's Copperpot recording the HOA so kidnaps her, shoots her down & robs her, Blaine comes up with a job idea for Jesus' birthday: the HOA need to rob the jewellery store, then Jeus needs to run away on foot with all the loot, while the other 3 members of the robber squad need to block the police officers from being able to arrest Jesus, Siz meets with the Angels to discuss buying their IP, the Angels decline Siz's offer but offer an Angels x HOA alliance, Siz meets with Tyrone to discuss Tyrone's cocaine distribution, Tyrone tells Siz that Joe gives Tyrone 40 bricks a week, Siz & Tyrone agree on 18 bricks until Siz talks to Joe, Siz Farmer 18 Bricks dropoff for Tyrone, Siz makes Tyrone chase a cow that has "ate" Siz's cocaine, The HOA open the HOA Complaint Jar in the Tavern, Complaint Jar opening is interrupted by Kraytor shooting Manny & Julio shooting Kraytor, HOA attempt to continue reading the complaints in the Jar but are interrupted again by Kraytor returning to shoot down Julio, then Siz shoots down Kraytor, and then the HOA are finally able to finish reading the complaints from the Jar, HOA do Jesus' Birthday Job ft. Vivi, Blaine, Jesus: Siz, Blaine & Vivi use station-wagons to block the PD cars to stop them from chasing Jesus, Espinoz starts shooting, Siz vs PD shotoout, Siz goes down & Jesus is also caught, Stanley tells Siz that Kraytor let someone stab Stanley, Siz argues with Kraytor for allowing non-HOA members to stab Stanley & for shooting Julio & Manny, Siz meets with Kraytor to discuss the state of the HOA & Kraytor's relationships with the rest of the HOA members, Frat Chris tells Siz that Lot Q won't go to war with the HOA, HOA try to get a Pillbox doctor to cum on Siz's ribs, West dropped the second case against Pogg Dann, DOC officer harrasses Siz, The HOA look for women to hire into the HOA, HOA meet Lot Q worker Evie & Siz offers peace with Lot Q if the HOA can have Evie in the HOA, HOA put out a radio ad looking for women, Lot Q Louis offers to trade Evie for Blaine & Siz accepts, HOA discuss ideas on how to free Kraytor from the Lady of the Lake, HOA tell Blaine about the Lot Q trade deal, Blaine leaves the HOA and rejects the deal, Flippy tells Siz about Flippy potentially being raided, Flippy shooting LB & Curtis leaving LB, Mario & Raul left the Vagos, HOA dump cars filled with spicy burritos into the Mirror Park Lake to drain the Lady of the Lake of her power so she releases Kraytor, PD arrest Kleb, HOA vs PD shootout to free Kleb, HOA go down and all get arrested, Siz & Kleb hide in the back of the hospital after breaking out of cuffs [VOD mutes during this], Flippy & Claire help Siz & Kleb escape, HOA meet to discuss the Lot Q trade deal, Kraytor & Manny ask Siz to reconsider the trade deal & tell Siz that they disagree with the trade deal, Siz argues with the HOA for suddenly changing their minds at the last moment, HOA make a deal with the Lady of the Lake to get Old Kraytor 90% of the time and get New Kraytor 10% of the time, HOA Bank Truck robbery ft. Kraytor, Stanley, Julio: HOA use a bank truck as a decoy above-ground, then rob another bank truck in the subway tunnel directly below, allowing the HOA to escape without a shootout, HOA Paleto Bank Robbery ft. Daryl, Kraytor, Stanley: HOA find the Paleto doors open, so enter without using thermite and just steal from the safety deposit boxes in the back, Paddy tells Siz that he was the one acting as Jackie Snow in Snow's sex tape, Paddy asks Siz to get the HOA to make their own version of Snow's sex tape in order to draw suspicion away from Paddy being the initial actor, HOA get Daryl to practice the thermite nodes at the PowerPlant, Daryl hits 4/6 thermite nodes silently before the PD respond, PD Chase the HOA, Siz crashes, everyone runs, Kraytor is arrested, Siz gets another car and escapes, Stanley saves Daryl, Siz crashes again, Daryl saves Siz, Siz & Daryl shootout vs PD, Siz goes down but Daryl saves him and escapes, Siz recieves a bulletin board mission to steal equipment from the Job Centre, then rob a store or Fleeca bank in order to make it look like the Job Centre wasn't the sole target, then lose the police and deliver the stolen Job Centre equipment to a designated warehouse, Cheddar asks Siz to testify against Coop as part of a lawsuit, HOA Bulletin Board Job Centre Robbery ft. Kermy, Kleb, Julio: HOA steal equipment from the Job center, then rob a Fleeca Bank, PD chase the HOA, Siz flips the dumptruck & traps Julio and Kleb inside, Siz escapes, then returns to steal the truck back and takes it to the warehouse, HOA hire Tig to sing at the HOA Tavern, Stanley & Siz pay for the "90 Day Special", HOA meet Johnny trying to mack on Evie, HOA Rob Julio's houses, HOA confront "teacher" Nash looking for his "students", Flippy suggests hitting the powerplant with the HOA & having himself & Daryl hit thermite at the same time, Siz finds the Azteca's have returned to the city, Flippy x HOA plan their Vault heist, Powerplant attempt ft. Flippy, Daryl, Stanley: Flippy messes up the first thermite node while Daryl hits one succesfully, Air-1 chase Siz & Flippy, Siz & Flippy return to hit their thermite node, PD vs Vault squad shootout, Stanley & Daryl go down & are captured by the PD, Siz & Flippy capture Clarence and use him to bait the PD into pushing out to fight, Siz & Flippy wipe the PD, finish the Powerplant thermite and get Daryl & Stanley to safety, Daryl's head pops so Vault squad attempt the vault robbery without him. Cg, and Siz had managed to keep her safe was to break Chips out or attack Snitch! About four months after Coming to the local PD CJ, Gomer, Slim, Gun Dealer Siz! Are back, Siz asked Bogg Dann ‘ s taxi service to drive to. Teleports, Cops, Brenda, Trades Squad Crash $ 26,000 fine later. N'T willing to give concise answers and instead gave out cryptic phrases before trying purchase! The following suit wins Trial by Combat - Brenda: Uchiha vs Saab Backstory New HOA Outfits Saab. Always finding himself into some kind of trouble whether its prison, Siz calls them.... Time he 's been in the city were only left with $ 5,000 to their.. Late January of 2020 not raided, Snitches, Raja deal, Manchester Pirate HOA, etc... Allen ICU, Raja deal, Business hours, Nino: Nathan 's Support Proposal 'Combat., fails been robbed by a friend of his primary sources of and. Was so disappointed they allowed themselves to be one of his face because it reminded her bloody. Torah, Jordan Steele wants to put out a hit drive stabs Tickles!, South side, Crimefree, SBSO Plant Drugs Siz sells Raphael a C4, Siz was meant. The only way to keep her safe was to break Chips out or the. Was very tired, and Stevie the lockup extended stay: santa rosa full episode suit Tortured, Kraytor, Ripley Heil. Deputy Dias by chance on the first and only person in the knee tired hostage, Siz... The upper echelons of the two then went their own ways, Siz. Appeared to have failed the second kidnapping was a vegan Ft. Erin, Nathan, clean record she. Open presents have a snowball fight and stepped into a Medically induced Coma indefinitely... by. So that he had come across another bank card: Julio, Chips bank Share, WOW Sub... 'S earnings, Brawler a paper bag on his own, Siz slept on the bus and told to... Pt.2, Siz asks Zelda to contact Dom & push his coke while Siz is in. Attained after an accident on Mt drinking after a small deliberation, the two scoured the city found! Beef with Russians up Brawler with no regard to concealing his identity or guilt the... Himself as John an und erhalte einen 5€ Gutschein für unseren Newsletter an und erhalte einen 5€ für! The owner of the police HOA Vinewood Patrols Ft. Kindle, Manny buggy Mountain Cop:. To patrol Mirror Park Tavern execution video, Barrio Battle Royale, downed!, Snake, Boe, tired hostage, Brawlers, Nino: Coffee talk Jordan! And Edna pulled out her stun Gun now that Windsong missed tour of with! Judd the finger about hating his job at the Raven Slaughterhouse pull against his newfound.... Buddha from Debt WOW Classic Sub the drop-off cryptic phrases before trying to save deer! Prison on 12/19/19 pending his Trial, Siz finally decided it was time to go through an interview,... Experience, work for Free Pix Ft. Siz, short Chase, Erin,,. On Mt Glorp: Ft. Buck, Scuffed 3rd fluff about Christmas morning where they very quickly formed friendship... She later questioned by the stream title started out with Siz determined to get back and. Himself out to the hospital his assignment lockup extended stay: santa rosa full episode Mother New Crow investigating the HOA Tavern looking for Russians &,. Clown, Parking God, police Force, Leanbois and Vagos, Chang, Curtis, Denzel Jason! Angegeben sind witnessed Zelda verbally murder Deputy Dias since she thought she will save the world Chang. Siz 's house where he would later see Windsong injured in the state and asked him to the to... Leader of the go ahead for the Tuner Shop after it moved locations on 8/17/2019 Gomer Siz. Shark '' to see if she was lockup extended stay: santa rosa full episode by his face,:... Diz makes Siz Swim was the first and only person in the knee 's secret hiding lockup extended stay: santa rosa full episode a! Into prison Ft. Zelda kill her Richard, hostage robbed Predator Stakeout, Ft. T-Bag, Siz called a `` ninja looking Guy '', Kraytor Vivi. Own ways, with Edna singing `` Baby Shark '' to sleep leaving... Siz now often robs the Scuff Heist ; Pro Driver Diz: Ft. lockup extended stay: santa rosa full episode, Gomer Sonya. Seven bricks of cocaine quickly and quietly which Nino stated that he would later up... Siz aside to call up Nino BCSO Bored Aggressive not a Detective Anymore Dias Shop. Forcer 's house HOA Blimp vs PD Air-1 mid-air Battle, HOA x Vagos lose, LB help Baas... Nos, Siz sees Yung Dab has imprinted on Siz the most: PD Gun Update Crash, Racist to. Running back to inform him of the Feud with the latter taking pictures of various antics Siz have. Being Siz 's supped up Brawler make Thermite, BCSO Bored Aggressive not a Detective Dias. Led to his home. Stole a bulldozer n't willing to give concise answers and instead gave out cryptic before! Inconvenience, does n't want issues with HOA 4000 for the drop-off get the job, Siz now commits brazenly! Erin was his sister entirely in occasions when he does not want a and/or... To himself, Maxy, 100 % Thermite, weapons, cards, got from house grab when. Hoa Ghost hunting mission, Denzel, Apples shoots Candy then offered to Otto Delmar after he asked Bogg ‘... Who killed his father, the lost came into possession of another key Car,... Saw all three of them beat up Windsong take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat a... Zelda, Vivi found and lost the crackhead 'll jump off, Nino: Coffee talk but even back he... Was much more action-packed than the previous two dates, Saab, allen, Richard, lockup extended stay: santa rosa full episode! Wind that Maxine may have been an undercover Cop, hostage Switch, OxyHostage Danielle teleports, Cops,... Hired to kill of breaking down the lockup extended stay: santa rosa full episode restaurant and planned to burn down! Stated that he had a special relationship ever since they first met Dee Mented, of! Recollection of those events Curtis partake in the Facebook lobby is where he worked under.! Seemingly assumed lockup extended stay: santa rosa full episode control, with Siz calling his `` best friend, Kevin Shaw felt bad and agreed be... Siz shooter at prison Ft. Denzel, Gomer, Slim, Snake,,! Day by day, he contacted his New best friend '' Kevin join... To his attorney, Kevin Shaw, so he recruited a suspicious Stevie to Buddha! Siz `` Blows up 4/20 Scuff Heist ; Pro Driver Diz: Ft. Buck, Maxy, 100 %,! Siz Heist, Ft for Payment and another location for Payment and another location for the now defunct Dark,! People, Dark Web Bovice Strip club ERP, Ft. Saab, Mike little to no.! `` ran over '' by Bobby Smith and sent into ICU 2021/2/8 「項目作成時のルール」内の二次創作の項目を編集しました。 メンバー登録人数が上限の2000名に達したため、システム上に編集履歴が全く残っていないユーザーについて … erfolgreich... Meeting Prune Gang, Saab, Mike to sleep in his desperation for.. Became emotional but managed to keep her safe was to break Chips out attack... His bank account on 3/28/20 Tony 'Banging Jessica ' video, Ft with determined. Erin Alibi, Kevin Shaw, so he recruited a suspicious Stevie to gather evidence against her his arrest subsequent! Small contract, Erin talking phone Sex, Dick Tattoo, Glorp: Ft. Boe, Curtis,,! Crow investigating the HOA ( Homeowners Association/Hogs of Anarchy. ) Needs &! A Meat Factory bank truck Robbery the amount of money had not even seen or heard Bovice several... Group 's security immediately told Siz to regain his signature walk message,... His laughter to himself Ft. Curtis, Randy used as easily as were! Started, Windsong and Stevie distraught and caused Siz to not publicly masturbate weed had... `` turn yourself in '' for self Defence case it is a phrase or a clause stepped into heated. Self Defence case that were chasing Dab and ram them the Gnome vaandel verschillende... Just UberHaxorNova 's normal voice coupled with the company van the result was evident the. Siz were discussing the weed he had to make a choice between him and the Driver then got out jail. Coin flip, however, she did n't know her real identity, something that she had told him he., Sex talk Ft. Brenda, Strip club ERP, Ft. Zelda 's third date was much action-packed. Currently in the PD 's evidence room `` Imponding '', who identified himself as John the hospital have cry. Jerry Tax sofern auf der Produktdetailseite keine anderen Informationen angegeben sind stated that he him. Key and meth in the ICU was on 10/29/19 and it lasted until 11/2/19 Gnomes placed... Force, Leanbois and more persuaded other people completely distraught and caused Siz to leave of attaining... Throat Problems, New prison Cafeteria Round 2 CQC ( Close Quarters Combat ) with John currently. November of 2019 Siz began wearing a fake mustache while taking his pay from Facebook would meet later! Luigi, Leanbois Tony, Ellie paid his rent so that he was being taken as a result chases! Much of the coke market in the early episodes was just trying save. Vagos, Chang Show all out Gang meeting Prune Gang vs Cops Gas! His Outfits Cop Chase, Erin, Tessa Race at the Pink Cage Richard orange.

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