For planning, figure a bushel (about 50 pounds) for every 5 people. The succulent flavor of a tender, wood-fired oyster is sublime beyond words. Even though I now live 1,000 feet above sea level in the landlocked city of Atlanta, my mother and I continue to indulge our need for those succulent morsels with regular backyard oyster extravaganzas. From a casual weekend oyster roast with friends to larger events, we've got you covered. Don't eat a dead oyster. South Carolina SC Gifts SC Oysters FEATURED SC Oysters & Oyster Roast Supplies Feature Your SC Oyster Supplies Here "R" is for Oysters Any month with an "R" in it means oyster season is here, so pull out your favorite shucking knife and dive into our South Carolina Oyster Guide. While it might seem a daunting prospect at first, with a little patience and the right equipment and tools, planning your own Lowcountry-style oyster roast isn’t difficult. Special equipment: oyster cooker, 2 medium weight burlap sacks, presoaked in water For the cocktail sauce: Mix together the ketchup, Worcestershire, horseradish, lemon juice and vinegar. While cooked oysters will not impart the same delicate merroir you might experience with raw oysters at a white tablecloth restaurant, it’s still worth taking a moment to appreciate them without an overdose of distracting flavors. Since the oyster’s flavorful liquor is one of its most hallowed qualities, it’s important not to overcook them. Large or small, we do it all! A culinary tradition in the South, the oyster roast requires minimal equipment and delicious, freshly harvested oysters. 36th Annual Benefit Oyster Roast. You’ll know it’s hot enough when a splash of water boils off. I learned to finesse these craggy bivalve mollusks early on in life, shucking and slinging them like a pint-sized pro at my family’s annual holiday roasts in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. The what, when and where of public Lowcountry oyster roasts. 24 Inch BBQ Disc Blade Discada (ASC# 85078), 40 Inch by 23 Inch Burlap Bag (ASC# 26299), 15 Quart White Enamel Dish Pan (ASC# 64724), Carolina Cooker® Silicone Oven Mitts (ASC# 81470), Cooking Tongs, Stainless Steel (ASC# 81445). I set the oyster table up, shuckers, towels, gloves, cocktail sauce, crackers, hot sauce and trash can somewhere within tossing distance of the table. Bulls Bay OYRO is dedicated to sharing our passion for preserving the traditions that surround the Charleston area’s waterways. 19 were here. The Table Topper - A table top version of The Steamer with the same versatility, but a smaller size.A deluxe bbq trailer grill that will out perform all others. Are you looking for a caterer to provide an oyster roast or Lowcountry Shrimp Boil at your next event? OYSTER ROAST with Fried and Steamed Oysters Plus Hot Dogs, Cole Slaw, Chips, Desserts & Soft Drinks HELD AT THE Fredericksburg Agricultural Fairgrounds 2400 Airport Avenue SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 2019 – … That’s the first lesson I learned from award-winning cookbook authors Matt and Ted Lee, who let me persuade them to show me how to throw an oyster roast. Music To Your Mouth Festival Palmetto Bluff Resort, South Carolina (November 18, 2011) the ulterior epicure | Twitter | Facebook. View our sample menu below: *Roasted Oysters *Raw Oysters ... *We provide setup, teardown and staffing of all rented equipment *Power supply is included with rental *We include all grills, buffet lines, tables, chairs, linens, trash cleanup, etc. Oyster Roast By Andrea Weigl You can’t roast oysters without one piece of essential equipment: a pint of beer. An arsenal of oyster knives. Wait a few minutes for the metal to heat up. Hand-drawn map. Start by digging a shallow depression about two to four inches deep in the ground and building a fire within. An arsenal of oyster knives. She was diagnosed with a rare condition called Emanuel Syndrome. Well Crazy Dutchman Catering has you covered… just assemble your guests and we’ll do the rest! It can be difficult to determine how many oysters to buy because oysters come in different sizes, configurations and price points. Here’s what you’ll need Keep up on our always evolving product features, events, and more. You learn that lesson fast. Rumble — Oyster Roast in the~ Crawfish Cooker~ Big Steamer. Encourage seasoned shuckers to BYOOK (Bring Your Own Oyster Knife), and provide a range of different knife styles for any guests who don’t have their own. For me, it was just something I fell into naturally. Alongside a generous supply of paper towels, the typical condiments you’ll find on the table at an oyster roast are saltine crackers, cocktail sauce, horseradish, lemon wedges and an array of hot sauces. With their fortified exteriors and alien-like interiors, oysters aren’t exactly the most approachable choice of seafood out there, especially when encountered outside the typical restaurant setting. 1. Just remember — a little goes a long way with these toppings. The Benefit Oyster Roast is an annual fundraiser to benefit an individual or family in the greater Fredericksburg community. We’ll bring everything you need for a traditional Charleston oyster roast, including cleaned local select oysters, tables, knives, towels, lemons, saltines, cocktail sauce, and labor and equipment to cook them. Before roasting anything, it’s important to gather the necessary accoutrements first, including: Of course, you’ll also need to buy your oysters. In compliance with state orders due to COVID-19, we regret to announce there will not be a 2021 Oyster Roast and Craft Beer Festival. Drawing from a family heritage in the Lowcountry that dates back for over 300 years, we believe that the most delicious oysters in … We accept only donations and all of the money collected goes to the recipient, Quintin Beltran You can’t go wrong with crisp, dry whites like Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadet or Pinot Grigio. Oyster farming, the watermen’s way. All rights reserved. Once you’ve acquired your oysters, you’re now ready to roast. Several sturdy pairs of working gloves. Prefer wine? All Rights Reserved. An oyster roast is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays – Cleaned, Local Select Oysters – Cocktail Sauce, Lemons, Saltines, and Hot Sauce – Cider Pulled Pork BBQ with Sandwich Buns and two Sauces – Marinated Grilled Chicken Skewers – Macaroni and Cheese – Traditional Green Beans with Bacon and Almonds – Vidalia Onion Coleslaw About this event: This oyster roast was part of a… Square-point shovel. © Gannett Co., Inc. 2021. For the actual roast you'll also need a large piece of sheet metal (we pefer one that's about 3 1⁄2 feet square and 1⁄8 to ¼ inch thick), four standard-sized masonry blocks, and a burlap sack or beach towel. Slide your Carolina Oyster Knife into the hinge of the oyster and twist the knife. Scrape your blade along the top of the shell. With Farm Girl and Exoman Farm Girl had some raw oysters on the half shell and some steamed or roasted. We roast on a grate over an open hardwood fire. One of the most common questions I receive from guests at these get-togethers is inevitably “how do I plan my own oyster roast?”. “I tote the above listed equipment and supplies, I usually start the fire early — a hot bed of coals goes a long way when doing a roast. The Steamer - Full-size steamer, especially good for steaming most any kind of seafood, including oysters, crab legs, shrimp and clams. Remove the top of the shell and loosen the oyster with your knife. This will cause the oyster to pop open slightly. Weather didn’t permit an outdoor Oyster Roast party, so we compromised and had one indoors. After spending decades on the Chesapeake Bay as commercial watermen, we know a little something about using high quality equipment that holds up to varying tidal and weather conditions. Salting nuts before the roasting process is a step preferred by most of the producers. Having spent my childhood in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, I’ve attended and hosted my fair share of oyster roasts. Annual benefit oyster roast fundraiser to support a local community member in need. Oyster Roasts have become one of the biggest low country traditions along the southern coast line. Wrap the oyster in a towel for protection. BST Oyster Supplies have developed and marketed an innovative range of products that suit a new system of growing oysters, called the Adjustable Longline System. Don’t be surprised if a guest turns to you at the end of the night and asks, “how do I plan my own oyster roast?”, Throw a bridesmaids' tea in true NOLA fashion, Send guests home with handmade Southern gifts. Enter your e-mail and subscribe to our newsletter. Delicious as they are though, pulling off an oyster roast on your own is a lot of work. If you want to preserve the Lowcountry authenticity of your roast, consider a Gose or White Thai Wheat by Westbrook Brewing, a craft brewery based in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. But with eight-straight months including the letter “R” (when oyster are best for harvesting), and so many opportunities to roast, some hosts may opt to keep the equipment on hand. Just as batches of wine differ based on their unique environmental conditions — a concept known as “terroir” — the diverse mystique of oysters around the world can be attributed to their respective “merroir” (a wordplay on “marine terroir”). We are delighted to introduce the inaugural Beaufort Oyster Festival – Queen of the Carolina Sea Islands as a new Heritage Event for Greater Beaufort.. Discard any open or cracked oysters. Oyster Roast service for groups of 20 or more. Surround the fire with the four cinder blocks then place the sheet metal on top. Just keep in mind that the wider they crack open, the less juicy they will be. Over these months, the water temperature drops and the oyster beds are ripe for picking. Oysters boast flavor profiles as complex as wine and coffee. Six cinder blocks While the Pacific oysters of the West Coast are characterized by their deep cups, creamy texture and sweet flavor, the warmer inlet waters of the Southeast yield clustered Eastern oysters boasting plumper, brinier meat. Oyster aquaculture equipment designed, fabricated and tested by watermen. Here’s how to do it. Something light, dry or even tart can be magical. “They are their terrain,” Rowan Jacobsen writes in his book The Essential Oyster: “It’s the salinity and temperature of the water, the particular mix of plankton they graze on, the wildness of the waves and the essential mojo of the spot.”. Our Products. Come prepared. Since they won’t cook evenly if they’re stacked in a pile, spread them out across the sheet so that each oyster is in contact with the metal. Wed March 20, 2013 - Southeast Edition CEG 123 were here. Catering. Adjustable Longline Innovative Farming System Advantages: Lets you manage your oysters more efficiently, producing a much better oyster. As for drinks, the traditional libation of oyster roasts is typically just a simple koozie of cold beer. There’s also the satisfaction of knowing there’s not an oyster on the planet that’s going to taste better. Your best bet is either rubber-coated cotton gloves or stainless steel mesh gloves. Not much to it really.” They got the Texas Star Outdoor primarily for crawfish boiling but now have the steamer basket for this amazing piece of equipment. Burlap sacks to layer across the metal sheet Where as in many other areas oysters are consumed raw or on the half shell, indoors, people in Charelston and the surrounding region gather outside to shuck these little roasted mollusks, drink beer and have a good time until they are spent. An outdoor work table for people to gather around and shuck oysters. This year, our recipient is a one year old named Juliana Johnson. Hosting oyster roasts not only gives an excuse to consume excellent seafood in vast quantities, but also it allows us to share the distinct merroir and cultural traditions of the Lowcountry with friends and family who may be more familiar with the oysters of Washington or New England. Oyster roasts involve quite a few moving parts, but all that hard work is well worth it once that first batch of freshly steamed oysters hits the table. Ask your local seafood purveyor for recommendations. With just a few items from Agri Supply, you’ll be ready to host your own oyster roast. Purchase our package or order one of several cookers available from TideLine Outfitters , a local online shop or West Ashley Hardware (right next door). There’s a primitive aspect to it. Each year White Oak Equipment and Fairview Baptist Church sponsor a Benefit Oyster Roast for a local family suffering catastrophic medical needs causing financial hardship. White Oak Equipment Thanks Customers With Oyster Roast. Each year, White Oak Equipment and Fairview Baptist Church sponsors a benefit oyster roast for a local person with catastrophic medical expenses. Our premier machines are designed to provide customers with the most powerful and dependable solutions available to … McClung-Logan Equipment Company is a leading distributor of heavy construction equipment in the Mid-Atlantic region. A steel sheet that is 4-foot by 2-foot and at least 1/4-inch thick. The oysters are ready when their shells are just starting to crack open a few millimeters. These custom Oyster Cookers and Steamers will allow you to host your next event like a professional. A popular and inexpensive configuration is to top two sawhorses with a sheet of plywood. ** Shipping is not Available for Oyster Steamers. Prepare your oysters right before roasting. The Oyster Roast has been held annually for over 30 years and is currently sponsored and hosted by Fairview Baptist and River Club churches in conjunction with White Oak Equipment… It’s a good idea to bring your own oyster … Before you start, you should have everything to have on hand to ensure a successful roast: a stack of firewood, four cinder blocks, a 4-by-6-foot sheet of steel, a shovel, burlap sacks soaking in water, a bushel of oysters, and, of course, plenty of good beer to drink. Use its large tank and basket, for boiling, steaming, or frying. The Benefit Oyster Roast is an annual fundraiser to benefit an individual or family in the greater Fredericksburg community. Once the oysters are done, scoop them up with the shovel and dump them on the table for your guests to shuck and enjoy. Easy and Delicious to make. Oyster Roast Menu. Oyster Roast Thank you for your continued support of the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad Oyster Roast and Craft Beer Festival! Shovel a few dozen oysters onto the sheet. Bucket of water to soak the burlap If you’ve never been to an oyster roast, or felt a bit awkward during your first experience, we’ve compiled a list of things that are good to know before you start shucking. Your best bet is either rubber-coated cotton gloves or stainless steel mesh gloves. We’ve built boats. Several sturdy pairs of working gloves. Contrary to its name, the traditional way to “roast” oysters is actually to steam them over a fire. The Oyster Roast has been held annually for over 30 years and is currently sponsored and hosted by Fairview Baptist and River Club churches in … Encourage seasoned shuckers to BYOOK (Bring Your Own Oyster Knife), and provide a range of different knife styles for any guests who don’t have their own. How to serve Scrub the shell to remove all mud and dirt, wearing protective gloves to keep your hands safe from the shells. Dependable Construction Equipment Solutions. Oysters thrive along coasts throughout the world, and despite their long history as a food mainly reserved for the working class and poor, oysters now persist as an expensive delicacy served raw in fine dining restaurants. We all know the thought and sight of an oyster can be a little intimidating, but not to worry. Nuts Roaster Equipment (Salting, Sieve, Elevators etc.) Fire wood Buy EZ ProFi Shucking Knife. Agri Supply® and Agri-Direct® Copyright © 1962 - 2021. Here's a step-by-step guide to hosting a successful oyster roast complete with drinks, toppings and, of course, the oysters. So it’s no surprise that the concept of organizing and hosting an entire party around oysters can be intimidating. Everything you need for an oyster roast: lemons, Tabasco, cocktail sauce, saltine crackers, shucking knives, and lots and lots of towels. In this direction, the manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic salting machines are the best solution in order to salt the nuts homogenously. Cover the oysters with the water-soaked burlap and allow the oysters to steam for 8-10 minutes. Let our low country chefs steam up the perfect oyster roast for you and your guests! Here is an easy Oven Oyster Roast recipe that can be baked in the oven for year round entertaining.